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Still Cooking with Olive Oil? Why You Should Stop

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Still Cooking with Olive Oil? Why You Should Stop

Still Cooking with Olive Oil? Why You Should Stop

Olive oil is a staple in the highly revered Mediterranean Diet, a theory that I personally identify with well. A Mediterranean way of eating is a diet that is rich in monounsaturated fats, also known as, the ‘good fats’. Olive oil packs plenty of punch with a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, phyto-nutrients, and antioxidants. Monounsaturated fats like in olive oil have been shown to:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Protect against heart disease
  • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Protect against breast cancer
  • Lessen oxidative stress

And more! Overall it’s great for health, but not for cooking. Unfortunately, olive oil is an unstable oil with a low smoke point, which means it turns rancid after reaching a certain temperature, rendering its health benefits useless. According to Dr. Mercola, “Due to its chemical structure and a large amount of unsaturated fats, cooking makes olive oil very susceptible to oxidative damage.” 


Have you ever noticed olive oil burn in the pan if the heat is too high? This is the oil turning rancid right in front of your eyes. Not only will its health benefits diminish, it can actually cause harm. Instead, choose an oil like coconut oil, which is very heat stable with a high smoke point, perfect for most cooking, baking, and roasting needs.


So skip the olive oil for cooking, instead save it for salads, dressings, and dips.


What Do You Think? Will This Change How You Use Olive Oil?


I’d love to hear your comments below.


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5 thoughts on “Still Cooking with Olive Oil? Why You Should Stop

  1. Robyn

    I always use olive oil for cooking and understand the down side. I use coconut oil for sautéing when I’m cooking asian influenced food. I cook a lot with garlic, onion, tomatoes…what type of oil would you recommend to cook with for these ingredients?

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