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How To Eat For Energy (let me guide you!)

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How To Eat For Energy (let me guide you!)

How To Eat For Energy (let me guide you!)

How many times have you been starving throughout the day, have eaten something to feed your craving, and then ended up starving again an hour or two later? This typically happens when you are eating foods that are high in sugar. Your insulin levels spike for quick energy, but then crash just as quickly leaving you shaky, starving, and moody.

To avoid the need for a quick energy fix, eat for sustained energy. The best way to do so is to eat foods that are low-glycemic as opposed to high-glycemic. Each food carries a glycemic load which is simply how quickly your body converts that food into energy. If a food is high-glycemic it is mostly comprised of sugar which your body burns quickly and is typically void of significant nutrients. If a food is low-glycemic the sugar content is less which is replaced with healthy nutrients from fiber, fat, and protein. Fiber slows the release of sugar into the body while fat and protein slow down stomach emptying and increase satiety. All in all, leaving your blood sugar at a more even level.

Consistently eating foods that are high-glycemic can eventually lead to insulin-resistance (metabolic syndrome); the inability for your body to pull the sugar out of your bloodstream and into your cells effectively. This can lead to belly bloat, weight gain, low energy, general malaise, chronic disease and more.

What foods are low-glycemic? Leafy greens and vegetables, whole grains, beans, healthy fats, and high-quality protein.

Need guidance on how to prepare a plan that will reduce your belly-bloat, give you sustained energy, and help  you to even your blood sugar? Join me for my 14-day gentle Nourishing Summer CleanseLearn how to kick your sugar cravings, even your mood, and experience increased energy.

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Ditch the diets, which only leads to deprivation anyway. Instead, try a gentle cleanse where you eat whole, nourishing foods that will help you restore your body’s balance and decrease unwanted inflammation. A cleanse removes toxicity in a safe and natural way, which means you can finally let go of weight gain, acid reflux, anxiety, exhaustion, and poor sleep.


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Janelle is a Certified Health + Integrative Nutrition Coach, Autoimmune and Weight Loss Specialist. Janelle is based north of Boston but helps clients nationwide via phone, skype, and online programs. Janelle helps busy women restore health naturally for increased mental clarity, improved sleep, better digestion, management of autoimmune issues and natural weight loss. Janelle graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and teaches Nutrition courses at the New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts. Her education and experience has equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and preventative health. Her signature Nourish 21 online program is a crash course in nutrition that helps folks navigate through all of the contradictory nutritional information available while teaching the overlapping truths. To learn more about her work and her available programs please visit
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